Dentrix 38″ 6 Strip LED Light DX38 V2


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Dentrix 38″ 6 Strip LED Light DX38 V2


The New v2 DX38 Dentrix 6 LED Light

(Supplied with no ball or connection only a threaded outer plate to mount a connector of your choice from Carbon Tech, Dead On Dents, Ultra, etc.)

Length = 38″

Width = 10″

Configuration = 6 led light (w/c w/c w/c)

  • Longer battery life
  • Bright light available can be used in direct sunlight
  • New patented design
  • No wires in the head of the light.  Meaning no wires connecting all components inside. The only wires connect to the terminals on the board from the battery.
  • Built-in Bluetooth Dimmer to control dimming and power on/off from a phone or tablet.
  • No LED strips that break down or are susceptible to poor solder
  • Slide in lens accepts 3D Reflection boards
  • New powder coated outer attachment plate

Working on hail, door dings, or wanting a lasting light that’s robust?  Why not look at the Dentrix Lights.  As technicians, we have designed and patented a light that works best for us. Brighter outside and can be used in direct sunlight.  The new design gives a long-lasting battery life.  There are no wires in the head of the light meaning no poor solder points or breakdown. The LEDs are not the usual LED strips that can cause issues too.  The lens slides out allowing custom made boards to be added to the light quickly and securely.

Made in the UK

Save $25 on a 3D Reflection Lens when ordering with the light.


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