ProPDR Solutions Light Stand LS-3FH


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ProPDR Solutions Light Stand LS-3FH


The LS-3FH Fathead Light Stand is a stout, flexible light stand for 36″ to 46″ lights. The stand will handle the Chubby lights with ease. It has a beefier frame and boom as well as 3″ Heavy Duty Casters for easy and solid maneuverability of the Chubby lights.  This stand works well with the Dentrix DX38 light.

Comes with an extendable boom with removable end mount.

The 7/8″ extendable boom arm with removable end mount can be used as an alternative to the standard boom arm and collar mount. The PDR light fits into the removable mount on the end of the telescoping boom arm, giving you extra reach down to the floor for crease repairs or extending high for larger vehicles. Removing the mount from the boom arm makes it easier to pack your light for transport.

The extendable boom arm can be used with the CarbonTech NeverLoose magnetic mount instead of the included collar mount.


Earn up to 425 Points Points.

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